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Specialists of customer-focussed websites

In challenging times UXSCRIPT has supported a wide range of businesses across the West Midlands in transitioning to digital and meeting their customer needs. Taking lead on web project builds, understanding client requirements and creating sites that fulfill aims and deliver conversions.

With a holistic web build strategy, awareness and understanding of technologies, UXSCRIPT has elevated the quality, transparency and service it provides to businesses across the Midlands. We’ve represented and built digital platforms for multiple services and businesses and in the process made a deep and lasting impact on our clients’ digital capabilities.

Dedicated web build

Our specialism is understanding websites, how to build them, optimise them and knowing what they need. That's why when we build sites, we do them well. We utilise existing technologies and also have the skills to build complete custom websites as per your needs.

From kitting out content to categorisation and architecture, we build for your users, and with an awareness of different channels such as Search Engine, Email and Paid, we know where they are. That's why building a site that's functional, but also technically optimised is at the forefront of our minds. We ensure all the right tools, support and set up is in place so that we maximise your impact, and we do that from the ground up.

Full transparency is our aim, and with us in the driving seat we can provide you whatever insight you require.

Technical set up and audits

Having an overview of data and analytics is vital in powering your business forward, having them set up wrong or not at all will mean you're missing opportunities in understanding and communicating with your users.

Losing out on proper site structure, taxonomy and URLs can also impact your level of visibility in Search, whether its image alt tags or structured data.

We provide independent audits on existing websites to gauge how technically sound they are. Whether you're Google Analytics is set up correctly, or if a pixel is missing we not only identify but are comfortable going in and setting it straight.

Our web build packages for all clients have technical set up as standard, so you will not have to worry about whether you're missing out.

Social media marketing and customer outreach campaigns

From our clients in the West Midlands we routinely have had requests to support in Paid Marketing across different platforms. Whether that was setting up pixels to gather data, all the way to campaign creation, audience selection and customer re-targeting.

At UXSCRIPT, we are more than comfortable doing an initial set-up with a breakdown, or providing ongoing support on paid activity. Our campaigns range from initial brand awareness, shopping ad, brand launch to sales, deals and purchase offers.

We use these tools daily, and know how they work.

Optimisation for search and content creation

Paid Marketing plays a massive role in pushing campaigns, driving users and getting a message out, fast. But we have consistently highlighted the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation, users finding us on places like Google and Bing, targeting keywords, writing good and valuable content and being relevant.

Imagine users finding your website without you having to pay a single penny, users who are looking for your product or service, or even information, who are relevant and already targeted, and who are in their hundreds and thousands every single month. Organic optimisation takes it time, but in the long term generates huge natural, unpaid visibility and engagement for your brand.

This is what we optimise for. By creating great structure and valuable content we aim to get in front of users who are in the awareness, consideration or purchase phases, whilst building your site authority and reputation online.

Continual support and maintenance

As web builders we understand the technological learning curve that comes with implementing and applying any digital platform or system.

As part of our commitment to our clients we offer an additional maintenance service, that will oversee the functionality, updating and general use of your website depending on your requirements.This is so you can focus on your orders, your service or fulfilling other key areas of the business.

We also offer training so you, or your team can get to grips to the system and how to accomplish certain tasks.

We never turn a client query away, even if its out of contract - our sole aim is to make sure you and your customers have a brilliant web system and platform, and this always comes first.

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